Jubilations Dinner Theatre: Rock & Roll Heaven

Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents ROCK & ROLL HEAVEN, September 7 – November 4, 2018.

Where do all the late greats reside now? As the old saying goes, “If there is a heaven, they must have one hell of a band”! Join our hapless hero, a wannabe rock god, who after an untimely mistake ends up in heaven. Rock and Roll Heaven! All of your favourite rock stars are there to greet him from Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, The Beatles (Okay, 2 Beatles), Freddy Mercury, to Amy Winehouse and many more. But does he belong there? Only the King can decide his fate! You know who I’m talking about… We’ve sadly lost so many talented artists who have touched us and formed the soundtrack to our lives, but their music will last forever. Join Jubilations Dinner Theatre for our walk through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…in heaven.