YYC Summer Scoop Fest

YYC Scoop Fest is an annual event organized and hosted by Calgary Meals on Wheels. First started in 2022, this event is meant to highlight local businesses and Calgary’s vibrant culture, while also helping support Calgary Meals on Wheels.

This summer, participating cafés, restaurants, and creameries compete for the coveted titles of YYC’s Best Scoop (best rated), Best Non-Dairy Scoop (best rated), and special Golden Scoop (most sold) award. Calgarians can taste a spectacular lineup of chilled treats and determine the entry that bests them all!
We will spotlight over a dozen locations across YYC for a summer we can all look forward to.
This is all to jumpstart the summer by supporting local businesses and Calgary Meals on Wheels with its programming.

How does it work?

Choose a chilled treat from our list of contestants, head over during their business hours to try it, and then rate it on our website to help us decide who will be crowned YYC’s Best Scoop!

 $1 – $3 from every item sold supports Calgary Meals on Wheels, thereby directly providing nutritious meals to Calgarians.

For more information as it comes out – follow @yycscoopfest on Instagram and Facebook, and visit our website at yycscoopfest.com.


Calgary Meals on Wheels

Regardless of age, ability, or life-circumstances, we all have something to offer the world. It may be as simple as a smile, or it may be a testament to the courage everyday living requires — whatever shape our gifts take, they exist within all of us to share. At Calgary Meals on Wheels, we give the comfort of healthy, nutritious meals to anyone who needs it, so they can continue giving themselves to the world. What we aim to offer our clients is far more than full stomachs, we want to offer them the chance to be the heroes of their own stories.