Scott Phillips


Radio.  It’s in my genes.

My father was in radio. My mother was in radio. They both got their start at their first radio station in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. That’s where they first met. Dad started as a deejay, then went in to programming and finally sales before moving to Alberta to run a chain of radio and TV stations. Mom started as a commercial writer before she became a deejay and later hosted her own noontime TV talk show.

Dad hired me to work at one of his stations in Red Deer. Did I get preferential treatment? Uh, no. I toiled away doing all nights. He even made me wear a tie to work…on the all nights!

My brother also started as a deejay in Red Deer at the age of 16. He helped my career immensely. He’s still in radio in a high level management position. I call him the rich brother, he also drives a nicer car than me.

My daughter has also gotten in to the business.

So, as you can see, it was unavoidable. And I’m so glad it was. It’s the best job, best station, and best city to work in!

Can’t argue with genetics!

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