Weekly survey: If you're going to concerts, are you wearing a mask?

Despite being vaxxed up and having a mild case of COVID, I’m still cautious regarding public space. I always have a mask with me just in case a place like Costco or the grocery store feels a little crowded. But I do find myself not using a mask as much as I used to. I mean, when I don’t see many other people wearing them, I seem to forget the last two years. I bounce from feeling careless, cocky, inconsiderate, and paranoid. COVID is definitely still with us and there are concerns about another big wave in the fall. For now, though, people seem to be taking a break from all the pandemic precautions. This includes opening up the live music scene. I’ve been to at least five shows since the beginning of the year, some indoor, some outdoor, with three at least three more coming up this month. I’ll have my mask with me just in case and if things feel a little tight, I’ll bring it out. What’s your take on this? If you’ve been to a concert since COVID restrictions have fallen away, did you/will you wear a mask? https://twitter.com/alancross/status/1543930538473525256

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