Parmalee Take My Name Two Weeks #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

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Parmalee Take My Name is a two-week #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

Take My Name is Parmalee’s second straight and third Billboard Country Airplay #1.

#1 in 2019: Just The Way with Blanco Brown.

#1 in 2013: Carolina.

“To have back-to-back #1 songs is incredible. The way country radio and our fans have embraced this song and have helped take it to the top is overwhelming. It feels like we are just getting started.” Matt Thomas

Parmalee Take My Name



Parmalee consists of brothers Matt Thomas (lead vocals, guitar) and Scott Thomas (drums), along with their cousin Barry Knox (bass) and Josh McSwain (guitar), a childhood best friend.

“Take My Name was inspired by my brother Scott getting married last year, It made me sit back and think about what I would want to say to my future wife.” Matt Thomas

Parmalee lead singer Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson and David Fanning wrote Take My Name.

“Take My Name is a song about finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. A feeling you haven’t had before. You don’t want to look anywhere else or waste any more time, you are ready to make that person yours.” Matt Thomas

Take My Name is from Parmalee’s third LP, For You.

“We put everything we had into this record and we did it for the fans and it really seems to be connecting just like we hoped it would.” Matt Thomas

The Take My Name video was directed by Shane Drake and filmed in Gallatin, TN. It follows the love story of a young couple as they go from middle school to high school and into adulthood.

“From the jump, the fans have really latched onto this song in such an amazing, lifechanging way our fans have been the reason for so many of our own major milestones, so it means that much more to us that folks are our song for their proposals and weddings and allowing us to be a part of those major moments in their lives.

We wanted to pay tribute to the fans who have been on this journey with us since the beginning so in the music video you’ll see a story of love and loyalty unfold across the years but don’t expect to see any weddings or proposals the fan created-videos far exceed anything we could depict. We love watching them.” Matt Thomas

Parmalee, For You Track List:

1. For You (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson)
2. Just the Way (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe)
3. Backroad Girl (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Blake Bollinger, Brinley Addington)
4. Take My Name (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorley, David Fanning, Ben Johnson)
5. I Do (Tyler Hubbard, Matt Thomas, Corey Crowder, David Fanning)
6. Miss You (Michael Tyler, Matthew McGinn, David Fanning)
7. Greatest Hits (feat. Fitz) (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe, Andrew Goldstein, Michael Fitzpatrick)
8. Better With You (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorley, David Fanning)
9. Forget You (feat. Avery Anna) (Matt Thomas, Shane Minor, David Fanning, Thomas Archer)
10. Alone Like That (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, David Fanning, James McNair)
11. I See You (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson, Steven McMorran)
12. I’ll Take The Chevy (Matt Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Zachary Kale, James McNair, Josh Mirenda)
13. For You (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, Josh McSwain, Scott Thomas, David Fanning)

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