Receive an energy rebate text message? It's a scam, says Alberta government

The Alberta government has introduced legislation that would fulfil a promise to provide $150 in electricity rebates, and if passed would also allow the government to provide rebates on high natural gas bills. Tom Vernon explains how it would work.

If you’ve received a text message saying it’s the Alberta government offering an energy rebate, the province says it’s a scam that should be ignored.

On Wednesday, the government said it has received reports of Albertans receiving texts falsely claiming to be from the province.

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In these phishing scams, the province said people are told to apply for an energy rebate by clicking on a URL that appears to link to a provincial or federal government agency or program.

“Neither the Government of Alberta nor the Government of Canada has sent emails or texts to Albertans about the electricity rebate program or any other energy rebates.”

People are advised to never click on links or provide personal or banking information in response to unsolicited text messages or emails, or if you don’t know the sender.

The province said its forthcoming electricity rebate program will be applied directly to Albertans’ bills in the coming months and there is no need to apply for it.

The past winter, the federal carbon tax and soaring energy prices led to sky-high power and gas bills across Alberta — some homeowners who normally spent $400 to $500 were faced with bills of over $1,000.

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Under the electricity rebate, the province said more than 1.9 million people will receive bill credits for $50 over three consecutive months ($150 in total) on their electricity bills to help offset the high costs experienced this past winter.

“Targeted relief will be provided for residential, farm and small business customers who consume less than 250 megawatt hours per year,” the province said.

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More information will be released in the near future, the government said.

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