Jason Aldean Trouble With A Heartbreak Two Weeks #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks is on CISN Country 103.9 Edmonton and Country 105 Calgary Saturday’s 8 AM to Noon.

Jason Aldean’s Trouble With A Heartbreak is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by ACC.

“In the past five years, I’ve finally been able to take the time to accept that I’ve accomplished far more in my career than I ever thought I would. Never in a trillion years did I expect this. I just wanted to make a decent living, have a nice house, keep the lights turned on and pay off my bills.”

Trouble With A Heartbreak is Jason’s 25th Billboard Country Airplay #1 and fourth in a row.

“I love the song. It was so different than anything that we’ve put out, especially in recent times. I felt like it was a changeup from things we’ve been doing. It’s a real lyric that I feel like anybody that’s ever been through a breakup, which I feel like all of us have, it’s one of those songs that’s relatable that I felt like I wanted to go out and perform every night. It was something I was gonna be excited to go out and sing, and to me, that means a lot too. So that one was a no-brainer.”

Jason Aldean Trouble With A Heartbreak

Jason Aldean


Kurt Allison, Brett Beavers, Tully Kennedy and John Morgan wrote Trouble With A Heartbreak.

It’s the first single from Jason’s album Georgia, the second half of his double LP, Macon, Georgia.

“It was written by a couple of the guys in my band, Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison and then a new artist John Morgan that we’re working with and those three guys actually had written the If I Didn’t Love You single that we have with Carrie Underwood, and so they just really locked in, you know, over the last year or so, just were really locked in on writing and this was a song that came in that I just thought was really cool, different.”

Jason Aldean’s Rock N’ Roll Cowboy tour starts July 15th in Scranton, PA.

“This song hit me right when I heard it, and reminded me of those bitter R&B breakup songs that take me back to riding through the backroads of Georgia.”

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