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Elle King and Miranda Lambert’s Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home) is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

“The life of this song has taught me so much: Everything has its own time and path. And when in doubt, add Miranda Lambert. I am so thankful to you, Miranda, you are a shining light, and nobody makes me laugh harder than you. I am so unbelievably proud of us, and our song.”

Elle King And Miranda Lambert Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)

Elle King And Miranda Lambert


Drunk was written by Elle King and Martin Johnson.

It’s Elle King’s second and Miranda Lambert’s seventh Billboard Country Airplay #1.

Elle’s first #1 was Dierks Bentley’s Different for Girls in October 2016.

Miranda’s last #1 was Bluebird in August 2020.

“Elle is one of my favorite artists. Elle is one of my favorite artists and one of my favorite people to be around. I am proud to call her my friend, and I’m so glad she asked me to do this song with her. The fact that a duet by two women hasn’t been #1 since 1993 is crazy. So, the fact that we got here today means even more because it’s bigger than us. Thanks, Reba and Linda, for paving the way. Now let’s get drunk and not wanna go home!”

For the first time in nearly 30 years, a collaboration between two women tops Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart, as Elle King and Miranda Lambert‘s Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home) rises from #3 to #1.

The song marks the second shared Country Airplay #1 by two female soloists after Reba McEntire’s Does He Love You, with Linda Davis, led the chart dated November 6, 1993.

“The true story of this song sums up our wild friendship. Miranda is someone I have looked up to as a songwriter, musician, performer, and human being for a long time. So our tumbleweed snowball story of getting to know each other is the ultimate real deal kinda thing. Nobody revs me up, kicks my ass on stage, or treats me more like family than Miranda Lambert. Our rowdy reputations precede us, so who else could sing this song together besides us? Crawling out of such a crazy year, still full of so many unknowns, I ultimately couldn’t think of another person I’d rather come out singin’ and swingin’ with than the most badass chick I know. Miranda.”

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