Blake Shelton Talks About Surprising Gwen Stefani With A New Song For Their Wedding

Gwen Stefani got an amazing gift at her wedding.

On Wednesday, Blake Shelton appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and talked about the song “We Can Reach The Stars”, which he wrote and performed for his wedding to Stefani in July.

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Asked if he felt any pressure writing the song, the country star said, “I didn’t feel pressure because she didn’t know I was going to do it, so I felt like there’s really no bar to set right here. And it was Carson ’s idea that we should write our own vows or whatever—have this piece just to say, before we say ‘I do.'”

He continued, “And Gwen has always… She is constantly on my ass about, I should be writing more songs. ‘How come you don’t write more songs?’ And I have gotten lazy about it over the years. And so I decided, ‘Well, you know, I’ll step up and come up with something,’ and so I did.”

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For fans hoping to actually hear the romantic song, Shelton revealed that he will be releasing it very soon on a new edition of his Body Language album.

“I’m putting out a deluxe version of this record that we have out now, and we’re going to put it on there, and so I’m excited for people to hear it,” he said. “A lot of people ask me about it since they found out that I did that. We’re excited about it. I want people to hear it—I mean, my god, I married Gwen Stefani. I want everybody to hear that! I mean, that’s the ultimate bragging rights.”

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