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Thomas Rhett’s Country Again is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

“#1 singles are always something I cherish, but this one especially. This song was such a central part of how I processed the last couple of years of my life. So, to have it resonate with people the way it has and to have it sung back to me every night on the road, now that we’re able to tour again, it’s just been kind of the perfect punctuation point to this chapter for me.”

Country Again is TR’s 17th Country Airplay and 18th career #1 song.

“It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written yet and honestly just feels full circle in so many ways. It’s about the crazy journey I’ve been on over the last decade and ultimately finding my way back home.”

Country Again was a two-week #1 in Canada, July 31 and August 7.

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett


Country Again was written by Thomas Rhett, Ashley Gorley, and Zach Crowell.

It’s the second single from TR’s fifth LP Country Again: Side A.

“Country Again is not just a song title it does represent 80-90% of this album. I mean there’s fiddle on seven of these songs and I forgot how much I loved hearing the fiddle being played.”

The full tracklist for Country Again: Side A.

1. Want It Again
2. Growing Up
3. What’s Your Country Song
4. Where We Grew Up
5. Heaven Right Now
6. To the Guys That Date My Girls
7. More Time Fishin
8. Country Again
9. Put It on Ice
10. Blame It on a Backroad
11. Ya Heard

“When I first started out in this business, this is the kind of music I was playing. These were the kinds of songs that I was writing. I just wasn’t as good of a songwriter back then, but I’ve gotten a little bit of knowledge in the last decade. I’m just really proud of how this came out, just the honesty behind these tracks and the instrumentation and production is really where I’m at in this day in time.”

“For so long I just put so much stock in my music career and it was like if that ever went away, I don’t know what I would do,” he says. But the longer that it became farther and farther away, it was like, Music I love it so much and I can’t wait to do it for a long time, but being a dad and a husband are things that you can’t skimp on and if you do, you are just missing it. You are missing very small amazing moments in life when all of your weight is pending on the next bit of success. That’s a scary place to live in because one day it’s not going to be there anymore. I’m going to get old one day and really pray that I soaked in all these moments.”

The 2021 CMA Awards will air on ABC on November 10.

TR is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year.

He’s won two CMAs, for Song of the Year in 2016 and Music Video of the Year in 2018.

“A lot of prayers don’t ever get answered the way you think they are going to, but I can look back on these last 10 years and think about three specific things that I prayed really hard for: to find the right woman, to be remotely successful singing and writing songs and to have kids, and all three of those things were given to me.”

“One day I’m gonna make a record called PARENTING, till then here’s the future tracklisting, anyone else got any good titles?”

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