Behind the scenes with designers of Edmonton Elks logo

Edmonton's CFL franchise has changed the team's name to the Elks. Lisa MacGregor has more from Commonwealth Stadium.

Want to design a logo for a sports team?

That’s the question that came across the desks of the crew at the Edmonton office of DDB Canada.

“We really truly cared about how the new name would impact the fans and the city,” said Adnan Huseinovic, associate design director for DDB.

Huseinovic and his colleagues were tasked with designing the logo for the Edmonton Elks.

“We really did start with sketches. Paper, iPad, we drew shapes on the computer,” Huseinovic explained.
“We went through sketches of representational elks. We went through abstract elks. We drew only antlers.

“We drew antlers in the shape of a football. You saw how that manifested itself. That was one of the originals that kind of made its way through the sketching process.”

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The logo went through several stages. Some of the ideas had to be punted.

“They were really, really up front and honest with us about how they felt,” said Howard Poon, vice-president of design with DDB.

“By listening to what their responses were, we were able to hone in and better represent what they wanted for the symbol, the icon, the final logo.”

With the hard work behind them, the crew at DDB could only wait for the reaction when the logo was unveiled on Tuesday.

Their work scored a touchdown with Elks quarterback Trevor Harris.

“The more I look at it and the more I wear it, the more I really, really like it. It’s pretty unique,” said Harris.

“I think fans are really going to like when they get their hands on some of the gear.”

Huseinovic will always remember one moment about Tuesday’s revelation.

“When I saw it in on the football field right in the middle, that to me was an iconic moment, seeing the aerial view of the logo.”

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While DDB designed it and the Edmonton Elks players will wear it, Poon believes the logo will truly belong to the supporters of the team.

“I think there’s something in the whole package for everyone.

“The rework of the double-E is a nod back to tradition. I think fans were very appreciative it’s staying in the system,” said Poon.

“When fans start to love something and they start to own it, that’s the best thing you can do with the brand. Let them run with it.”

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