Jake Owen Made For You Two Weeks #1 on ACC with Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks and American Country Countdown are on CISN Country 103.9 Edmonton and Country 105 Calgary Saturday’s 8 am to Noon.

Jake Owen’s Made For You is a two-week #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by ACC.

Made For You is the fourth single and third #1 from Jake’s sixth LP, Greetings From… Jake Owen.

“Rounding out this album with a third #1 is something I am so proud of. I chose Big Loud Records as my partner because I know what they are capable of. I knew they could take me and my music to another level. Working with the team and Joey Moi is a huge advantage. I am also so proud of the songwriters on this song. Neil Medley, Joey Hyde and Benjy Davis it’s their first #1 song as writers. These moments are so special and I’m fortunate to be a small part of it. Finally, I’m thankful for country radio for supporting this song, and my career for all these years. We have great champions out there at radio and this is a testament to that. I love country music. I’m living a dream.”

Benjy Davis, Joey Hyde and Neil Medley wrote Made For You; it’s their first #1 as songwriters.

“I love this song so much. One of my best buddies sent this song to me. I knew the minute I heard it come through my email that, I pulled my car over and listened to every lyric, and it just totally resonated so much with me. Just love the story of love and the things that we all deal with and the feelings that we have. Whether it’s one-on-one with our significant other or not, or it’s the feeling you get from the father of the girl you’re taking out or vice versa. So this song, everybody was made for somebody, and I think this song really truly depicts that. Although we may not find that person right off the bat, it takes time to find that person in our life, but when you do find that person that you were made for, there’s no doubt that you were made for each other.”

The music video stars Jake’s fiancée, Erica Hartlein, and their 2-year-old daughter, Paris, and Owen’s 8-year-old daughter, Pearl, from his previous marriage. The video also features fan-submitted clips celebrating loved ones.

“I was looking for love of all different types and representations. There were so many submissions, so it was hard to choose.”

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