Dolly Parton Asks That Bill To Erect Statue Of Her Be Dismissed, ‘Given All That Is Going On In The World’

Dolly Parton does not think it is an appropriate time to put her on a pedestal, quite literally.

Tennessee legislatures put forth a proposal to erect a statue of Parton on Capitol grounds. The country legend, 75, announced on Thursday that she has formally requested to remove the bill.

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“I want to thank the Tennessee legislature for their consideration of a bill to erect a statue of me on the Capitol grounds,” she wrote. “I am honoured and humbled by their intention but I have asked the leaders of the state legislature to remove the bill from any and all consideration.”

“Given all that is going on in the world, I don’t think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time,” Parton continued. “I hope, though, that somewhere down the road several years from now or, perhaps, after I’m gone, if you still feel I deserve it, then I’m certain I will stand proud in our great State Capitol as a grateful Tennessean.”

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“In the meantime, I’ll continue to try to do good work to make this great state proud,” she concluded.

The Twitterverse was buzzing over Parton’s response.

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