Wyatt's Radiothon Story

Wyatt came into the world three weeks ahead of schedule and at first, he was doing well. He was a joyous addition to the family — just in time for Christmas — and his older sibling Gunner was happy to become a big brother. At about the time he turned a month old, little Wyatt started to wheeze. He was struggling to breathe. When experts at the Alberta Children’s Hospital discovered his oxygen levels had fallen to 80%, he was whisked into emergency and then the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Wyatt had caught the flu and his tiny body was struggling to fight it. Then he developed a severe case of pneumonia. Specialists intubated Wyatt and administered medication to fortify his body and help fight the infections. The infection was so severe it was pushing around his tiny organs, so experts worked to drain his chest and ease the pressure. “My little baby had three chest tubes in him,” recalls mom, Kim. Little Wyatt had a fight ahead of him – thankfully, he also had a dedicated, world-class care team in his corner, working around the clock.

Wyatt and mom spent 23 days in hospital. It wasn’t until the 12th day that mom could finally hold her little baby again. From that point, and with the help of his care team, Wyatt overcame the infection and regained his health. “Seeing my baby go through this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through in my life,” mom says. “But the care, it was immeasurable. They took care of my baby and my family. Whatever twists and turns happened with Wyatt, they were on top of it.”

Kim has a treasured keepsake from her and Wyatt’s time at the Alberta Children’s Hospital – her baby’s first footprints, immortalized in a Valentine’s Day craft she surprised her husband with.

Both Kim and her husband work in oil and gas and they’ve often talked about switching gears, starting a new adventure somewhere else. “One of the biggest things I keep bringing up is the Alberta Children’s Hospital. It would be really hard for me to move and not have access to it.” She is forever grateful for the supports they received, but most of all she is grateful for Wyatt’s team, whom she credits with saving her baby’s life. “He wouldn’t be here were it not for them.”

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