Scottie's Radiothon Story

Caitlyn had the best laid plans for her baby girl. The nursery was immaculate and ready and all systems were go on what was supposed to be an exciting new chapter. She had a normal pregnancy – Scottie was slightly under weight and she was a week late, but otherwise healthy. Finally the big day arrived last February when her mother first laid eyes on her beautiful daughter at South Health Campus. Everything seemed fine, however her sugar level was a bit high, and then they began to fluctuate.

Caitlyn remembers the feeling of watching her newborn baby get shipped off to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. It was terrifying, but she knew her daughter would be in good hands. Scottie was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit and a team of experts including an endocrinologist worked to understand what was happening.

Scottie, they would learn, was born with a rare form of transient neonatal diabetes, which means it wouldn’t be permanent. Still her pancreas wasn’t producing insulin, which our bodies need to absorb sugars. Having no experience with diabetes, Caitlyn found herself navigating unknown waters. What would this mean for Scottie? How do you care for a baby with diabetes?

Thankfully, Caitlyn had a team of experts to guide her. Scottie stayed in the NICU until she was ready to be moved into a unit, while mom was schooled on diabetes. “The diabetes clinic was amazing. They covered off everything to help me understand diabetes, how to recognize the signs and what to do. It was a real support system, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team,” says mom. Staff trained her up on how to administer insulin, how to use a pump, she met with a dietitian who taught her healthy choices for diabetics, and they even helped her source an insulin pump.

Caused by a genetic glitch, Scottie’s diabetes soon went away, although there is a chance it will rear its head again. In the meantime, Scottie is up and around and ready to take on the world. There will be follow-up appointments and mom is comforted knowing world-class care is just a phone call or short drive away.

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