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Russell Dickerson Love You Like I Used To is a two-week #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

Love You Like I Used To is Russell’s fourth straight #1 song.

Russell’s previous #1’s were Yours Jan 2018, Blue Tacoma Oct 2018, and Every Little Thing Nov 2019.

Dickerson is the first artist to have four consecutive career-opening #1’s on the Country Airplay chart since Luke Combs, who currently has a streak of nine straight.

“This is crazy! I’ve always dreamed of having a #1 song on the radio but four in a row is absolutely insane! Shout out to the writers, my amazing team, and country radio for all this crazy love on Love You Like I Used To.”

Russell is currently #3 with Love You Like I Used To on the Billboard Canada Country National Airplay chart.

Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson


Dickerson co-wrote Love You Like I Used To with Casey Brown and Parker Welling, the same writers he worked with on his previous three #1’s.

“There is no better way to kick off a sophomore album than with a 2-week number one. Every song on this record is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written and the fact that the fans feel that with Love You Like I Used To means the world. Thank you country radio!”

Love You Like I Used To can be found on Russell’s new LP Southern Symphony, coming out on December 4th.

“With Yours, which was my first single, it’s kind of like the newlywed song, and I wrote it six months after we got married. With Love You Like I Used To, it’s coming out about 10 years into being with my wife. We’ve been married about six-and-a-half years now so it’s about how love grows and how you’ve got to work for it. It’s like, I don’t love you like I used to I love you more. I love you more with every single kiss. That’s the overarching theme of the song.”

The video for Love You Like I Used To was directed by Russell’s wife, Kailey Dickerson and her brother, Toben Seymour.

“I played her the first version and she was like, Yeah, I don’t really know if you hit the mark on this one. I was like, What?! But no, she was actually right. We all kind of felt that way. So we went in, started with just the title because we knew that title was special and completely rewrote the song. We were on tour with Lady Antebellum at the time when we wrote it, and we just came out of there like, There we go! This is definitely a single.”

Russell Dickerson enlisted his friends Florida Georgia Line for his new song; It’s About Time.

“When we finished this song, I knew there was only one feature to bring in. It’s the Florida Georgia Line energy that only they can bring. And they 100 percent took this song to a whole new level!”

“We knew we had to be on this song; the second RD reached out, and we heard it. Not only is he one of our best friends, but we’re huge fans of his music and him as a person. It was only a matter of time until we found the right song to do together, and that time has come.”

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