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Chris Janson’s Done is #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, followed by American Country Countdown.

Done is Chris Janson’s second #1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Chris Janson wrote Done with Mitch Oglesby, Jamie Paulin, and Matt Roy. The song was inspired by his wife, Kelly Lynn.

“It’s my favorite song I’ve ever written. The opening line of the song, my favorite line is, Done, the first time I saw you, done. And that’s what I said the first time I saw her. I saw her right down the street from here at Melrose Pool Hall in Nashville. First time, I was like, Done and done, marrying that girl.”

“I just love my wife very much. We’re more than just a great married couple. We’re best friends and we work together as well. I’m still trying to impress my wife every day, man. She’s hot. She could’ve had anybody, but she picked me.”

Chris and Kelly recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

“We took the family out kayaking. My daughter suggested that we do it, so we decided that’s what we’d do for our anniversary. Some celebrate in different ways. We celebrated by hanging out with our kids, it was fantastic.”

Done is the second single from his 2019 LP Real Friends.

“Everything on the record is about one take on the vocal. I sang it all the way through. It was a great process and I think it’s my best album cause I didn’t go anywhere to do it, other than my house. I was on nobody’s time schedule and had no stress of We have a deadline here. There was no headbutting.”

“I really feel like I’m hitting my stride right now and I feel really confident yet humbled by the whole experience and I’ll tell you, you know some people don’t even make it to their third album and I’m getting to do that and already thinking about the fourth one.”

“The moment I first saw my wife Kelly, I knew that was it. I was done. This song is about knowing right then and there that I’d work for the rest of my life to make her happy. It’s just the truth. That’s why it’s so special. A big thanks and congratulations to my co-writers Mitch, Jamie and Matt for helping make this song come to life. And, of course, to country radio for sharing it with the world.”

“I’m extremely grateful for this #1. What a huge blessing it’s been. All my friends at country radio have always had my back, and that is something for which I am very thankful. Done is my favorite song I’ve ever written because it’s also a true story. Every single part of the song is true, from the four-plank to the house on the hill. It’s all real. I’m looking forward to getting back into touring when it’s safe to do so and playing this song for my amazing fans. A big congratulations also to my co-writers on achieving their first #1 song.”

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