Front-line doctor wins role in Kevin Hart movie thanks to All-In Challenge

Kevin Hart auctioned off a role in one of his next movies as part of the All-In Challenge, which provides food to kids, seniors and front-line workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

After the actor’s All-In Challenge ended, Hart jumped on a video call to tell front-line doctor Henry Law, an anesthesiologist who lives in Cherry Hill, N.J., that they won and will play a role in one of his upcoming movies.

Law had no idea he had won the All-In Challenge until Hart joined the video called and said, “Henry, this is big, man. This is bigger than big. This is huge.”

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“Henry I want to congratulate you. You are a winner. You have won this particular portion of the All-In Challenge,” Hart announced.

“My man, let me break this down to you. Let me get close — that’s my face getting real close,” Hart said as he moved closer to the camera. “Henry, you will be in my next movie. I repeat, you, Henry, you, Henry, will be in my next movie.

“You will have a line. You will have a trailer. You will not only have a trailer, you will have an assistant, you will have a five-star hotel, you will get a car service, you’re gonna get the whole shebang.

“You’re about to be the next Denzel (Washington), the next Macaulay Culkin. Who knows man, this is huge, Henry.”

Law told Hart while laughing: “I look like the next Ken Jeong.”

When Hart asked Law how he feels, the front-line worker said he was “so excited, man.”

“So excited to meet you. I don’t know if you heard I live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. My home city is Philadelphia and I go to (Philadelphia) 76ers games and I see you on the courtside seats. I trust the process.”

Hart told Law he appreciated his support for the All-In Challenge.

“I can say this, dude: seeing you this happy makes me happy. This is all for a good cause. First of all, we appreciate your support. The fact that you participated in this challenge, that’s moving enough,” Hart said.

“I’m about to make you a star. You’re gonna be a star,” the actor said, before adding that Law gets a “big, little, massive part” in his next movie.

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During the video call, Law explained why he joined the All-In Challenge.

“When I go to work, it’s hard to see patients that are scared and I’m the guy that’s a lot of times the last person they talk to and see before they get intubated and that’s heartbreaking at work,” Law said. “Then coming back home, it’s hard to see so many people losing jobs and unemployed and because of that struggling to have efficient food for their family.”

Henry was also surprised with a video call from Michael Rubin, co-owner of the 76ers and founder of Fanatics, which runs the All-In Challenge.

Over 37,000 people donated to be Hart’s All-In Challenge.

To become eligible for an All-In Challenge prize, consumers select their preferred prize of choice on the website and enter an amount they’d like to donate. By donating as little as $10, consumers are automatically eligible to win one of several preferred prizesLook.


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