Lauren Alaina's "Next Boyfriend" Steals the Show at Country Thunder

Country Thunder 2019 wrapped up last night here in Calgary and it was yet again, an awesome weekend full of wonderful artists. So many great shows, but one stood out to me for one particular reason. If you caught Lauren Alaina’s show, you would’ve watched this glorious performance go down in real-time. If you weren’t there, you’re in luck because Shauna Fleshman caught it on video!

Lauren has a song called “Next Boyfriend” and for the song, she usually finds a gent to bring up on stage with her to play along. I’m sure she’s had some fun partners in the past, but no one like Tim Collyer. Tim was unreal. I could explain the magic that happened up there, but it’s better to just watch it unfold.

Breanna Wackett caught another angle!

I got a chance to chat to Tim about his time up on stage. He also touched on the fact that he is a Route 91 survivor and had the chance to see Lauren there that weekend as well. Saturday afternoon provided a beautifully touching as well as humorous moment.

Lauren was totally blown away by Tim, as were the rest of us. It was genuinely hilarious to watch.

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