A Police Lip Sync Challenge with a message...

Perhaps you’ve noticed lately that your social media time lines have been filled with the Police Lip Sync Challenge – various police departments right across North America have been tying to best one another by demonstrating their lip syncing skills to some of today’s biggest hit songs.

Most of the the video challenges have been fun and light-hearted, but the Picken’s County Sheriff’s department in Georgia wanted to use the opportunity to highlight the very real problem of domestic violence.

Watch this powerful video:

Unfortunately, here in Alberta, the rates of domestic or intimate partner violence are astounding, placing our province 3rd out of all Canadian provinces when it comes to rates of intimate partner violence.

Alberta 3rd highest province for rate of intimate partner violence: report

There are resources available. If you or someone you know is in an abusing relationship, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For questions about domestic and relationship abuse please call 403-234-7233(SAFE) or 1-866-606-7233 (Toll Free in Alberta)

There are more resources here:

Domestic Violence Resources – Calgary

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