[WATCH] The new Thomas Rhett video is full of adorable family moments!

Life Changes is Thomas Rhett’s 4th single off his latest album, which has the same name and says it was one of the toughest songs he’s ever had to write

“It was a tough song to write because when you talk about certain things; I had no idea what I wanted to do in college, and then thank God He smacked me in the face and said ‘You’re going to write songs. And then everyone told me, ‘Dude, you’re 22, please don’t get married yet.’ Not in a malicious way, just, ‘Dude, your career is just starting, like why? Why would you do that now?’ But it was just in my gut, it was like this needs to happen now. And it did and it completely altered my life forever.”

I absolutely love this video because we get to see both his worlds!

You can see in the video how much Mom and Dad love both Willa Gray and Ada James in that video, but Thomas and Lauren weren’t even sure they’d ever have 1 kid, let alone 2!
“We were kind of in the back of our minds thinking that there was something wrong with one of us that we couldn’t have children.  And so then learning that, OK, well, maybe we are supposed to adopt. Maybe all of our children are supposed to be adopted children and so we adopted Willa and halfway through that Lauren got pregnant. It’s just so many crazy things that we kind of just followed our gut and tried to do, I guess what was the right thing in that moment and it led us to where we are now.” You can read more of his interview here

Thanks to social media we get lots of happy family pics!


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