[LISTEN] FGL dropped a new tune today and it's super sexy!

I love that artists are doing this now, teasing us with little clips of new jams they have coming for us! After teasing us all week the boys in FGL did not disappoint releasing “Talk you out of it” today! I’ve had it on repeat all morning…is it weird to listen to this one all alone?

“I talked you into slippin’ down the hall, baby, turn it on
Your playlist you play when you’re in the shower
Talked you into taking up my time, making up your mind
Switching back and forth for an hour
And now you’re lookin’ like a line from a Vandross song
I’m looking at that fine little dress you got on
Don’t get me wrong, girl, I love it
Now I just wanna talk you out of it”

These guys are absolutely on fire right now. Their first single from the new album, Simple, is one of the fastest climbing song on the ACC Countdown right now, already in the top 20.

It’s also my fav song we’re playing right now, kinda obsessed and it seems like you are too! Coming in to my show today our text line at 103939 was filled with requests for it

Just to show you a few lol. They also had the #1 song on the ACC Countdown last weekend with Morgan Wallen “Up Down”

Still don’t have much for details on their new album, buuuuut when we find out we’ll let you know. It’ll have “Simple” on it, the new one from today “Talk you out of it” and this other one they released “Colorado”



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