Concerns raised over 'gong show' limo stops, urinating on Scotsman's Hill

WATCH: A photo faux-pas is sparking all kinds of outrage online. Several men were caught dropping their drawers Saturday evening at Scotsman’s Hill. As Sarah Offin reports, residents say it’s not a new problem.

It’s a favourite stop for wedding parties, prom dates, party buses, and anyone looking to take photos with a gorgeous downtown Calgary backdrop.

But some residents are highlighting concerns about misuse of the popular off-leash park by the various people who make limo stops at Scotsman’s Hill.

Glenn Street who lives along Salisbury Street S.E., posted a photo to Twitter Sunday with a group of gentlemen apparently urinating en masse, with Calgary’s Saddledome as a backdrop.

Josie Casale, who lives in the next door, took the picture Saturday evening around 7:30 and sent it to Street.

“It was just a bunch of guys partying it up,” said Casale.

“One started. He pulled his pants down and everyone just lined up.”

According to both Casale and Street, the problem isn’t new. Casale has lived in the neighbourhood since 1955 and says the problem has progressed in the last decade.

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“What happens is that they get in the mood once they’re in there drinking for an hour or two,” said Street. “They come up here to stop, and if you’ve been drinking all afternoon, guess what you need to do?”

During the Calgary Stampede, the city installs port-a-potties along Scotsman’s Hill to combat the problem. They will now be in place in advance of the July long weekend.

Area councillor Gian-Carlo Carra said in response to the tweet, “That is enraging.”

“We’ve been working on Scotsman’s Hill for years and years and years,” said Carra, adding that there have been an escalating number of problems taking place.

“What that tweet has effectively done is putting this into motion in a methodical way, to putting it into fast motion. So our commitment is to get out there, to identify who those people were and to put make sure that no one else does anything like that,” said Carra.

Carra also said that the city will be initiating a enforcement blitz and taking a strategic look at “how to make Scotsman’s Hill work for all Calgarians.”

“We have been aware that the season for going up and viewing is getting longer and longer and we’re maybe not responding to it.”

Street said that during the Canada Day fireworks, as many as 10,000 people visit Scotsman’s Hill to watch the show. He said he and his neighbours enjoy sharing their view with visitors, but hope those who come will respect their neighbourhood.

On Monday evening, the City of Calgary provided Global News with a statement on the matter. You can read the statement in its entirety below.

“While the traffic bylaw would prohibit parking of large vehicles (buses) in this area, the signage leading up to Scotsman’s Hill is inadequate. Based on information gathered today while investigating this issue, the city is working on improving signage for Scotsman’s Hill so the parking restrictions can be properly enforced.”

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