Paul Brandt says Not in My City

As nice as he is, Paul Brandt is not one to shy away from the tough subjects.  Paul is now in the second year of his #NOTINMYCITY Campaign that seeks to raise awareness about human trafficking – right here in Calgary.  For many people, the idea that other people – often children – are bought and sold for sexual exploitation – is as shocking as it is terrifying.   The statistics are sobering:

·         Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada.

·         While it is widely believed that trafficking involves people from foreign countries, 93% of Canada’s trafficking victims come from Canada.

·         More than 75% of people working in the Canadian sex trade began working as a child.

·         Recent studies found that more than a third of victims were recruited by men the considered to be their boyfriends. Another 25% were lured through friends, most often victims themselves.

·         Online channels make it easier for predators to do business, with 70% of child victims being sold online.

·         While Indigenous people make up 4% of Canada’s population, they make up more than 50% of sex trafficking victims.

·         In Canada, $280,800 is the annual profit per female made by sex traffickers.

·         Worldwide profits from sex trafficking is estimated to be $99 billion (USD).

·         At this moment, there are more people enslaved in the world through human trafficking than there have been in human history.

These are difficult statistics to take in, but each of us can do something about it.

This June 20th will be #NotInMYCity day, where all of us are invited to take part online and IRL letting one another know that we are Allies in the fight against human trafficking and that we won’t stand for it – not here, and not anywhere.

You can buy tickets to a special fundraising event here:



And find out more about the #NotInMyCity campaign here:

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