Sugarland Finds a Way to Fit In

It’s been a while since Jennifer Nettles and Christian Bush have been on the country charts as a duo.  As Sugarland, they charted a number of hit songs in the first decade of the 2000’s, but then they split up to pursue their own careers.

Since they’ve reunited, Jennifer nettles says it’s been rather easy to find their place in today’s country music.  Sugarland has always been known for pushing the boundaries of country just a bit, and Jennifer says the new music they’re hearing on the radio is pretty much what they already do.

Kristian Bush agrees and thinks that possibilities for country music and country artists is limitless.  He says,

“I think it’s right on time. I mean watching Maren , her voice go across the top of that pop track that’s going on right now.  It’s just oh my God, yes. And there’s no reason that what we’re doing, any of us in this town, can’t achieve that.  It’s just a perception move and some backbeat.”



Sugarland is back on the charts with a song written by Taylor Swift – she even sings on the track – it’s called Babe and you’ll find it on the Sugarland album called BIGGER.





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