There's a secret tribute to Gord Downie at the Tragically Hip's studio headquarters

Back on Thursday, I attended an event at The Bathhouse, the Tragically Hip’s recording studio west of Kingston. All the guests had access to most of the grounds and the studio building himself.

There were, however, areas that were kind of off-limits. A private area at the back–the spot where the Hip rehearsed–was roped off.

If you remember the Long Time Running documentary, there were scenes early in the film where Gord and the band were starting rehearsals for the tour. That footage is from that room.

The room looks much like it did during those rehearsals two years ago except for one thing.

In the frontman’s position is a mic stand, the same stand that was used during the last Hip show in Kingston in August 2016.  Sitting at the foot of that stand is a pair of Gord’s boots.

Wow. Chills.

Read more about the Bathhouse in this story by Jane Stevenson at The Toronto Sun.

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