Country Music Stars Get Ready for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and Country Music Stars are celebrating Mom’s special day in a number of ways.

Thomas Rhett says he gets his emotional transparency from his Mom. She’s be sure to tell you exactly how she felt and he says he’s exactly the same way. He says that he wishes he had a bit more of a “poker face” about life, but maybe being in touch with his emotions is how he became such a great songwriter.

Carly Pearce, who had her first big hit with “Every Little Thing” is incredibly grateful to her mom and dad for sacrificing so much so that she could pursue a career in music. She even talked her parents into letting her drop out of high school so she could move to East Tennessee with her mom to pursue a career at the Dollywood theme park. Her parents, who are still married, lived separately during that time so her mom could live with her while her dad held down the home front back in Kentucky.

She says, “It is the strangest feeling. I will never know again what it is like to be one whole person. I will forever have my heart walking on the outside of my body. I will worry for every day of the rest of my life.”
And Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland says that motherhood has fundamentally changed her.

And finally, Trent Harmon of American Idol fame reminds everyone to call their mom on Mother’s Day – not a text, an actual phone call.

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