Extroverted Calgarians finally get their chance to perform with Being Extra: a comedy story telling show!

Have you ever been at a party and heard someone tell a story so crazy or so insane that you thought it couldn’t possibly be real? Victoria Banner, a local Calgary comedian, is creating a place where those people – the ones who are normally called dramatic, loud, or extra – can share their wildest stories to a wide audience and with no judgement. On Wednesday May 2, welcome to Being EXTRA.

Victoria Banner, one of the producers for Being EXTRA performing her stand up comedy routine.

Victoria Banner, one of the producers for Being EXTRA performing her stand up comedy routine.

Photo Courtesy: Victoria Banner

Banner feels people don’t typically have an opportunity to share their outrageous stories. “You can’t be like ‘I’m so special and here is a list of all the reasons why,’ but I want to give people a platform to do that.”

Over the past few years the Calgary art scene has really come alive with comedy shows happening almost every night and tons of great places to hear music or see art. Banner and her co-producers Liam Prost and Jarett Sitter thought that this would be the perfect time to bring a live comedy storytelling show to the city.

“I like storytelling shows a lot and they’re kind of trending right now. Every major city has a storytelling show.” says Banner.

However, this is no normal show. She continues to explain that their theme is what sets Being EXTRA apart from other open mics.

“I wanted to come up with a hook from my favourite kinds of stories – like when you’re at a party and someone who’s so over-the-top is explaining their craziest night, or when a band is sharing tour stories from the road. I love stories that are just so unbelievable – like something straight out of a movie.”

Although Banner is a performer herself, she wants no involvement in the acts. She simply wants to create a space where anyone can get up and tell their story. 

For the first show on May 2nd at Commonwealth Basement, Banner and her co-producers have carefully selected the performers which consist of comedians, artists and musicians but Banner encourages people from all walks of life to get involved and share their crazy stories.

Banner promises the show is worth the price of admission. “Expect to hear a good story and get an interesting perspective on how someone else lives. It is going to be fun, light-hearted, entertainment.”

You can buy tickets for their first show here, or go to their Facebook page. 

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