Reba Revives "That" Red Dress

Reba McEntire hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards from Las Vegas on Sunday night.  Though she did have a number of impressive costume changes, the one that generated the most interest was the red dress she wore in her duet with Kelly Clarkson for Does He Love You.





Haven’t we seen that red dress before?  Yes, back in 1993, Reba wore the stunning red dress with a low, sheer bodice and it was considered to be quite provocative at the time.  In fact, Reba was quoted as saying “I got more press off that dress than if I’d won Entertainer of the Year”


Now there’s no confirmation if that is the actual red dress from 1993, as the original has it’s new home in the Country Music Hall of Fame, but for long time country fans, it was thrilling to see Reba in the dress that had everyone talking long before the days of social media.



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