Counting down the best Carrie Underwood songs

With this Instagram post, Carrie Underwood announced her that her new single will be called ‘Cry Pretty’ and will be released tomorrow morning! Fans are overwhelmed with excitement trying to speculate what the new song may be about. Some are guessing it’ll be a slow love ballad, where others are expecting it to be something we could never guess.

Because of the all the excitement over her new single release, I decided to count down my personal favourite Carrie Underwood songs.

Before He Cheats

Even if you haven’t been on cheated on before, you have definitely danced to this song at some point in your life.

Cowboy Casanova

Another great song to dance to if you like revenge and cheating boyfriends. Carrie Underwood has never been one to shy away from putting a cheating man under the spotlight.

Jesus, Take The Wheel

One of her very first songs ever, Underwood is still just a baby in this song, fresh from American Idol. I love this song because it is so different from her regular man cheating songs – slow, sad and beautiful.

Temporary Home

Want to see a grown woman cry? Look no further than me listening to this song. Carrie and her beautiful voice carry this beautiful story and I can not even think about it without getting emotional.

American Girl

Even though I’m Canadian and can’t really relate to this song, I still love it!

So what do you think Carrie Underwood’s new song will be? Fast like Before He Cheats, or slow like Temporary Home? Either way, I’m sure we are looking at a whole new Carrie Underwood, and I’m positive we will love her just as much.

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