A brief summary of characters you might see in Infinity Wars

If you have seen the trailers for the newest Avengers movie, then you have obviously fallen in love with the series and are anxious to watch the new film. In the off chance you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you may have missed the first couple movies to come out of the franchise.

No need to worry though, I got you. Here is a brief summary of each of the lead characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Tony Stark is a pretty cool dude who doesn’t play by the rules. He is pretty much Robert Downey Jr. but better with technology and social skills. Basically, he was a billionaire playboy who almost died. Instead of dying, however, he turns into IronMan and starts saving people. There are actually three of these films but that same storyline happens in all three films, so you’re good just knowing that he is rich and wants to help people even though sometimes he’s grumpy. Oh, sometimes Gwyneth Paltrow is in them because they’re in love.


If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Edward Norton in any of the Infinity War trailers it is because he got the boot and was replaced by Mark Ruffalo. Giving you even more of a reason to skip this film, nothing that happens in it will be relevant to the actual movie.

Want to know why this movie failed so bad? Well for starters the Hulk is barely freaking in it. If you even watch the trailer he does not show up until the last 30 seconds. Also, no one is going to be afraid of Edward Norton. Not that Mark Ruffalo is that scary either…


By far one of the more magical superheroes the MCU has to offer, Thor is from the plant of Asgard. He comes to Earth every now and then to help out his fellow Avengers, rescue his brother, defeat his brother, or find his brother. They have a complicated relationship, to say the least. These movies are actually pretty good, and an excellent look at what the next phase of Super Hero films is going to be, space. The only thing I think that they did wrong was getting rid of his love interest Jane Foster, a brilliant female scientist. But I guess Natalie Portman is busy with other projects.

Captain America

Mr. Steven Rogers is by far my favourite of the Marvel Super Hero ever! Although Iron Man’s movie was first, Captain America is the first Avenger and the leader of the team. In this first film, Steve is a weak guy who just wants a chance to serve his country. However, by the third movie, he is done being Mr. Nice guy, he still has his morals but now he is willing to fight for them! With everything that he has, these films are great because Chris Evans is good looking…I mean a very talented actor.

The storyline lately, and something that is important to know for Infinity War is Cap’s relationship with his best bud Bucky. They grew up together, Bucky defended Steve when he was too weak to, they went to war together, and now Bucky is brainwashed and trying to kill Steve every chance he gets. They also have a very complicated relationship.


They finally did it! They made a good Spider-Man movie! I know I was surprised too, but when Tom Holland put on that red jumpsuit my heart fluttered. In this adaptation of the two-legged heroes (spider joke), Peter Parker is a young kid fresh from a fight and craving more action. But mentor and friend  Tony Stark think he should fight the good fight down on the ground, help old ladies cross the street and such. This movie is filled with Peter messing up, as kids do, and learning valuable life lessons, as kids do.

I think they finally understood that the teenage Super Hero needed to be a teenager and not a thirty-year-old man. Sorry, Tobey.


This guy doesn’t need much of an explanation. He’s an ant and a man, that is it. Paul Rudd is a pretty good actor and an even better comic relief in the middle of tense situations. Expect him to jump onto, into and under people while being incredibly small. All while being the adorable and fun Paul Rudd that we all love.

Black Widow and Hawkeye

I’m putting these two together, just like everyone on the internet. Pretty much they are equal teammates to all the other Avengers but are treated like sidekicks who will never get their own movie. Chances are if you watch any of the above movies you will see one of these bad ass ninjas in the film. They are spies who have been trained to be weapons. They have feelings but you never get to see them because they have little to no character development.



Black Panther

I have no idea what happens in this movie, or who these characters are. The lines were always too long at the theatre so I decided to skip it. I’m sure I missed some very vital information and cool CGI but I will have to wait for the DVD release. But for now just watch this trailer, I’m sure it is very similar to the movie.




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