Movie and television villains that you hate to love.

Heroes are overrated and predictable, I’m sick of those goodie goodies getting all the glory in the movies. What about the villains? Where is their love? Yes, I know they usually do bad things but come on, some of these bad guys are not so bad when you stop and really think about it.

Iceman, Top Gun (1986)

In 1986 Top Gun was one of the biggest action movies ever made. Starring America’s sweetheart, Tom Cruise, and the bad boys to beat all other bad boys, Val Kilmer.

You all should know that I have a particular bias when it comes to this villain. See my older sister is a pilot when she first showed me this movie I sided with Iceman because I wasn’t really paying attention and he was better looking than Tom Cruise. But ever since then, it has been the unresolved argument in my family, who is the true protagonist in Top Gun.

Despite the fact that this movie was made ten years before I was even born, and Val Kilmer being 38 years older, it has not stopped me from telling everyone I meet that I am madly in love with him.

Let me just make my case here and then I will never blog about Val Kilmer again. (That’s a lie- if there’s a will there’s a way.)

All Iceman wants the entire movie is for everyone to be safe. His whole fight is just for everyone to play by the rules, and Tom Cruise character, Maverick, just wants to break the rules. You want to know why Goose died? Look no further than Mr. Cruise, he really took his breath away…

Eddie Brock, Spider-Man 3 (2007)

The 2000’s Spider-Man trilogy gets a lot of slack for being bad, and rightfully so. The movies are filled with bad CGI, 30-year-olds pretending they’re in high school, and worst of all Tobey Mcguire crying. But the one thing the movies did get right, casting Topher Grace to play Eddie Brock. Not only does Topher Grace just look like an evil Tobey Mcguire, he played the part of arrogant news journalist perfectly.

For those of you who don’t know the character of Eddie Brock, he is supposed to be an evil Peter Parker. He takes the chances and risks Peter doesn’t because they’re “bad” and or “morally” wrong. But he often reaps the benefits and leaves Peter in the dust with his precious morals.

I have no moral defence for this character villain like I did for Iceman, I just think the overall character arch of Venom is way more interesting than silly old Peter Parker.

Cal Hockley, Titanic (1997)

Don’t know who this movie character is? Well, that is probably because you were too distracted by Leo and Kate’s epic romance to notice this side villain.  I call him a side villain because if we are being honest, the iceberg is the main antagonist in this film.

Billy Zane plays eccentric millionaire Cal Hockley, who boards the Titanic with his fiance and soon to be mother-in-law. Just a happy go lucky guy who is excited about his future with his new bride.  Why is he a villain? Well, he does lock Jack to a pipe in the basement while the boat is filling with water, hits rose at one point, and not to mention abducts a child just so he can get onto a life raft. Where were that kid’s real parents? Whatever happened to that kid? These are the main questions I am left asking myself after watching the Titanic. So all in all Cal Hockley is a pretty bad guy, why do I love him? That smile of course.

Gossip Girl

Yes, this is an overdramatic teenage drama that I have no business watching. But it is just so good! How can you not what to know what Dan, Serena, Chuck and Blair are up to every second of every day? For those of you who actually haven’t seen the show, because I don’t know you were busy actually living life, let me fill you in. This New York-based show follows the lives of the richest kids on the Upper East Side. While they try to live their day to day life this anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl, follows their every move. They tell a lie, she finds the truth and shares it with the rest of New York.

Voiced by Kristen Bell, Gossip Girl is really the only thing keeping these teenage delinquents in check. If you are lying and cheating on your boyfriend then they deserve to know! Gossip Girl is doing nothing wrong, she is a modern day journalist and a proud whistler blower.

The only downside to this character is in the final season they reveal who was really hiding behind the keyboard, and it was Dan Humphrey, the poor outsider who continuously dates people from the Upper East Side. Low hanging fruit guys.

Dr. Evil

By far one of my favourite villains on this list, Dr. Evil has won the hearts of thousands. Even though he is constantly attempting world domination, trying to kill Austin Powers, and all around a pretty bad dad to Scott Evil you can’t help but fall in love with his dreamy eyes and overall charming personality.

Although it has been 18 years since the last Austin Powers movie was made the doctor has still been an active member of society. Appearing on Saturday Night Live, The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and more. One can only hope that with him being out and about so much now, maybe there is a chance for another Austin Powers movies.

After his appearance on The Late Show, I think I have the perfect plot idea for the fourth movie…

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