Setting Track Records in their 100's!

While I was busy blowing off the gym last week because I had a wee cold, these two centenarians were busy blasting through some world records on the track.

Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, who is 102 years old set a world record for the 60-meter dash in the women’s 100-plus age competition at the USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships in Landover, Md.

Now check out 100 year old Orville Rodgers, a World War II bomber pilot and former airline pilot, Rogers, who took up running at the age of 50 and overcame a 2011 stroke that temporarily paralyzed his left hand, foot and hip.

Rodgers faced some pretty stiff competition in the race from 93 year old Dixon Hemphill from Virginia and 95 year old Roy Englert – also from Virginia.

Rodgers set a new age group record in the men’s 60m.

Apparently, nothing is slowing either of these two down.  I’m sure they would both just laugh at my wee little head cold and blow right past me 🙂

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