Remakes, reboots and reunion episodes. What was worth coming back.

It is 2018 and guess what, the world has run out of ideas. Everything you watch these days are either re-boots, reunion episodes, or the classic remake.

Could be an unpopular opinion, but I love remakes. Especially when the original movie has a good story line, but has terrible animation because it was made before the invention of the wheel. Which is why I was so pumped when I heard about the new Grinch movie that will be coming out this November.

However, after watching this trailer I started to think about all the great re-boots, reunion episodes and remakes that have happened over the past five years. So without further introduction, here are a list of my personal favourites.

Will and Grace

Will and Grace ended their long running sitcom after an amazing eight-year run. But much like many shows on this list, fans always wanted more. However since the show actually did have a pretty happy ending in 2008, showing both Will and Grace happy with their own families, show creators always thought it would be hard to bring back the famous four-some. But with the demand for the show being so high, they decided to chance it and just pretend the happy endings never happened.

Gilmore Girls, A year in the life.

After its cancellation in 2007, audiences were left without an ending to the fast talking mother/daughter duo. For years after the cast has gathered for meet and greets, parties and have even appeared in each others side projects, but fans were never satisfied. So when a union was announced everyone waited in anticipation to see what the Gilmore Girls have been up to over the past ten years. I, like many others, were overjoyed with the results we got. Currently there are no plans to continue on the series past this, but it has never been a solid no either.



The main argument against this film is that the original is a classic. Everyone loves Kevin Bacon. But in my honest opinion, this film was better. Possibly because they used professional dancers, thus making the dancing sequences actually entertaining to watch. No offence to Kevin Bacon, but him running around an old warehouse doing Karate is not what I call entertaining.

One Day At A Time

In 1975 the Coopers were a single-mom-family just trying to get by, similar to the 2017 reboot the Alvarez family is a single mom just trying to get back, with a few more twists and turns. Although this show was not in high demand for remake, and none of the original cast or characters are in the latest adaptation, this show still has the same classic story line of one family taking life one day at a time.

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