Let's celebrate National Cereal Day with this musical tribute

Yes, it’s National Cereal Day, the one day of the year (March 7) we’re supposed to pause and give thanks for breakfast cereal. (Damn. I forgot to get The Wife a card! She’ll be so disappointed!)

Back in the Golden Age of Breakfast Cereals (i.e. the late 60s through to the early 70s) manufacturers used to include playable records as prizes. Most of them were incorporated into the packaging, meaning that you had to carefully cut them out with a pair of scissors. I remember my sister begging my mom for a box of Sugar Crisps because it came with a Bobby Sherman record.

These were single-song releases, either. Some of these breakfast cereal box records contained up to five songs. You were getting an EP–and sometimes all hits, too!–from your cereal box. Check out Jackson 5 record.

By the way, the Jackson 5 also did a series of breakfast cereal commercials…

…plus they had an animated Saturday morning series–sponsored by Post, of course.

The Monkees also had a killer release. Then there’s this one from The Archies

Not all cereal box records contained music. Some contained spoken word stories like this.

If you want to get deeper into this whole culture, have a look at what Mr. Breakfast has posted.

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