Jason Aldean's Video For "You Make It Easy" Is A 3-Part Journey

Jason Aldean recently announced that his new album  Rearview Town would be released on April 13th.

Along with the album announcement, Aldean also released the first single from it, entitled “You Make It Easy”. Jason said he loved the song from the start:

“The first time I heard this song, I was riding around in my truck. I immediately needed to cut it and always felt like it could be the first single,”

He has now released a 3-part video series to serve as the backdrop for the song. It follows an initially heartbreaking and then redeeming story of a young man who is injured in a tragic accident.

Throughout the second video, the young couple struggles with frustration and demonstrates beautiful loyalty.

The videos are directed by Shaun Silva and Jason said knew the story was in good hands when it came to execution.

“I told Shaun that I wanted the videos to capture the love story that this song tells, and I think one of the things he’s really good at is taking our ideas and running with them in a cool way.”

In the last episode, you discover the source of the young man’s frustration. The couple also celebrates a beautiful day together.

Rearview Town is available to pre-order now. Click here.


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