Boys will be boys and that’s all that was happening when 13-year-old Jayden fell through a glass wall at school waiting for Rugby trials to begin last March. Shocked that they’d broken the plate glass window and not realizing that Jayden had been badly injured, the boys scattered. Thankfully, a forgotten phone charger is what brought a student teacher back into the school after he’d left for the day. He found Jayden in a pool of blood and the quick action he took – putting pressure on the cut – saved his life. Jayden had lacerated his femoral artery and vein. He was rushed to the Alberta Children’s Hospital by ambulance and his mom, Renée was called.

Even when she walked into the Emergency room where she was met by a social worker with a cup of apple juice for the shock, Renée still couldn’t grasp the severity of her son’s injury. She was escorted into a trauma bay full of nurses and doctors – one of which was leaning on her son in order to keep pressure on the artery and stop him from bleeding out until he could get up to surgery. In an eight-hour surgery, vascular surgeon Dr. Guimond repaired his femoral artery and pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Rob Harrop repaired his nerves. Unfortunately, the femoral vein was unable to be saved, but with the help of a compression garment his mom likens to “leg Spanx,” the circulation is slowly coming back. Due to the nerve damage, Jayden’s foot is hypersensitive and he can’t feel the inside of his leg. Despite this, Dr. Harrop says he can’t believe his progress when you consider how severe his injuries were. Everyone is optimistic feeling will come back in his leg. Jayden did physio and occupational therapy.

Renée says the fact that she could have lost her son never really occurred to her. Perhaps it was the shock of the whole situation that didn’t let her go there, but it wasn’t until Dr. Harrop shared with her that “the first priority was to first save Jayden’s life and the second priority was to save his leg,” that the severity of if his injuries sank in.

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