Little Veer comes from parents who, when they aren’t mom and dad, are a pediatric dentist and plastic surgeon. But last summer, he was the one being turned over for a life-saving surgery when he developed a rare urological condition. When Veer was eight months old, he started wincing in pain every now and again. His mom assumed it was diaper rash because it was tender when she touched his diaper area. When the pain seemed to worsen and Veer stopped emptying his bladder, Prabhdeep and Vick took Veer to the Alberta Children’s Hospital’s emergency department. Prabhdeep remembers her husband in tears emerging from the X-Ray room following Veer’s scan, telling her “something’s going on in his belly and it’s not good.”


Doctors conducted a test to see if the problem was an enlarged bladder, and when they put in a catheter, 1 litre and a half of urine came out! It turned out, Veer had a diverticulum — a rare abnormal balloon-like sac attached to his bladder, measuring 10 cm in diameter, was collecting urine as well. While half his urine was being eliminated when he peed, the other half would collect in this sac. If left untreated, this rare condition could be life threatening. Thankfully, Veer was in the best hands of a dedicated team of surgeons at the Alberta Children’s Hospital – so dedicated that they (Dr. Anthony Cook, Dr. Carolina Fermin Risso, Dr. Mary Brindle) stayed late after their shift to perform his surgery. And when anesthesiologist Dr. Mark Gale went into the operating room with an iPod, he told Veer’s parents it wasn’t for background noise – he was going to sing Veer to sleep. J


After a two-hour surgery, during which the team cut out the sac and reconstructed his bladder, Veer was on his way to recovery. He returns to the hospital for regular ultrasounds. He has some delays in his gross motor skills – for example the diverticulum prevented his abs from growing correctly because of the sac he was carrying around, and because of that too, he couldn’t ever do tummy time – but with the help of baby physio, he is doing very well.


His parents are so grateful for the love and support of Veers’ team of surgeons, who treated them like parents and not doctors, and cared for Veer as though he was their own child. To give back to the hospital that saved Veer’s life, the family raised nearly $5,000 at Veer’s first birthday party, celebrated by 200 of their closest family and friends.

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