Last July, Baby Anaya came in to the world nearly a whole season early. And her entrance was quite dramatic. Mom, Ramin felt her water break one day and went to the hospital right away. They did tests and assured her there was no amniotic fluid, so her water couldn’t have broken and everything was fine. Ramin went home and carried about her day. She went to bed but around midnight she woke up in terrible pain. She began feeling something was wrong, so she went back to the hospital. There the nurse examined her and was shocked to see a foot sticking out. She was rushed to the Foothills Hospital where they gave her medication. This combined with stress and the ambulance ride made her nauseous, and while she was vomiting, she pushed her baby’s whole leg out!


Anaya was born by emergency c-section, weighing just 2.2 lbs. They were told the first 72 hours would be critical and they were just numb. Thankfully, despite her early arrival and low weight, her lung and heart were strong. Ramin was unable to hold her new baby for the first three days of life and remembers thinking, “I don’t feel like a mother.” Anaya’s big challenge was that she had a bowel obstruction so had to have a stoma (bowel diversion) put in. So on day three of life, Anaya was transferred to the NICU at the ACH where she’d have her first surgery. She suffered a couple of complications including a stoma prolapse so another corrective surgery was done. At one scary point, she wasn’t feeding and had no output, which indicated a second bowel obstruction. Another surgery was needed to deal with the obstruction, and her surgeon was actually able to “reconnect” her during a five hour surgery as well. Thankfully, Anaya still had lots of bowel left after her surgeries which is vital for absorbing nutrients. The challenge now was to get the bowel used to food and working properly. Anaya was on TPN – which is a nutrient rich cocktail that is fed to her intravenously. Milk had to be slowly introduced so her bowel could learn to tolerate it. While it seemed for a while like there was one issue after another, Anaya’s parents do see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Up until today they were on Unit 2 (after graduating from the NICU in December). And today Anaya was discharged and gets to go home! While they came very close to losing Anaya, they feel like “she’s stronger than all of us” and “she literally kicked her way out.” Anaya’s feisty nature captured the hearts of all of her nurses – and others on the unit.

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