It was reasonable for Candace and Bryan to believe the leg pain their little boy, Foster, was experiencing in late 2015 was related to a broken bone he had experienced earlier in the year. However, as time continued to pass, and Foster succumbed to one sickness after another (even landing him in hospital on a Hawaiian vacation in January 2016), the family decided he needed to be seen at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. It wasn’t long before blood work revealed their son had leukemia. Even as Bryan called Candace from the hospital to give her the terrible news, he couldn’t process that this meant cancer.

Those early days were anxious ones as a serious bone infection in Foster’s foot needed to be resolved (requiring surgery and IV antibiotics) before they could begin treatment. Candace and Bryan had endless questions about his diagnosis, protocol and medications. They were so impressed the entire medical team took the time to sit with them for almost two hours to walk through all their concerns and answer all their questions. It gave them the reassurance  their son was in the best possible hands.

Thankfully, Foster went into remission after 29 days of treatment, but that doesn’t mean the road was over. He is two years into a 3 ½ year protocol…finishing in June 2019. Candace can hardly believe all they’ve been through over these last two years and how cancer has become a fixture in their home. For example, Foster is required to take oral chemo at exactly the same time every day. His bedtime has been adjusted to 10 p.m. to accommodate this schedule meaning he sleeps like a teenager to 10 -11 a.m.the next morning. Not exactly a normal routine for a kindergarten kid!

While every parent believes their child is exceptional, Candace knows her son has a profound impact on everyone he meets. She’s coined a new word “Fostership” which means showing compassion, hope, love and generosity to everyone you meet. She and Bryan are incredibly proud of how their son has managed the pain and suffering of battling cancer. She will tell you even when he’s at his worst, he’s still a wonderful little man.

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