Presley was born healthy and on time last November, but when she was four weeks old, she came down with a cold. Her mom, Sandy took her to the doctor to be checked out, but the doctor thought it was just a cold and nothing to worry about. But the following day, Presley was cold to the touch, and her colour seemed off, so Sandy took her to her local South Health Campus hospital just to make sure the cold was nothing else. When the ER nurse helped take her out of her car seat to put her on a bed, Presley went limp. Soon, her bed was surrounded with doctors who placed an oxygen mask on her tiny mouth to help her breathe. Before Sandy knew it, the doctors were on the phone with experts at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. The hospital was going to dispatch their Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team for Presley. In less than an hour, the team arrived and worked quickly to intubate Presley who was not breathing properly as her frightened parents just stood by and watched. While terrified, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief as soon as the team arrived, knowing their baby was in the hands of experts who knew what to do to care for her.

When she arrived at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Presley was hooked up to a ventilator in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to help her breathe and wrapped her in a warm blanket.  She was also severely dehydrated, making finding a vein for an IV challenging. After several attempts by nurses and surgeon, an anesthesiologist was able to find a vein. For the next five days while she stayed in the PICU, doctors ran tests and discovered Presley had contracted respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that causes respiratory tract infections. Every day her condition improved little by little and after a week, she was healthy enough to go home.

Her parents are so grateful to the Transport team, and the donors who support it, for having the knowledge and skill to help save their baby’s life.


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