Ryland and Kohen

For years, Jordana and Jason have been Miracle Makers. Long before they had children of their own, they listened to, cried through and were inspired by the Country 105 Caring for Kids Radiothon. Now, with two sons who have both relied on care at the hospital, Jordana and Jason have an even better understanding of just how important community support really is.

When their first son Ryland was born, they found out he had a bicuspid valve in his heart and he began seeing the cardiology clinic at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Ryland was also diagnosed with Brown’s syndrome, a disorder involving a malfunction in one of the muscles in his eye. While his eye is functional, the condition is visible, which was a challenge for little Ryland. One day he asked Jordana, “Why did God make me with funny eyes, Mom?” Ryland sees Dr. Lagrou in the vision clinic and will be undergoing an eye surgery.

Just over a year ago, while the family was enjoying the Christmas holidays in Invermere, Jordana and Jason’s other son, baby Kohen, became very ill. They took him to the local hospital twice, but because that facility doesn’t specialize in pediatrics, the decision was made for Kohen to be transported back to Calgary. Having experienced the amazing care at the Alberta Children’s Hospital before, Jordana remembers feeling relieved to be headed back to a familiar place she knew and loved. When Kohen arrived, he was taken into Emergency for tests. He was diagnosed with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes infections in the lungs and respiratory tract and can be life-threatening.

Kohen spent 10 days on Unit 2 at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. He had an IV in his head, a feeding tube in his nose and was on oxygen to help him breathe. It was a scary time for the family, but Jordana remembers feeling calm because of the fantastic care provided for Kohen, and also for her and Jason. Nurses would constantly check in on them, ensuring they were taking care of themselves and getting enough sleep. If they seemed tired, they were brought blankets and encouraged to rest. Jordana remembers someone was with Kohen 24/7, allowing her and Jason to have peace of mind that he was in good hands whenever they needed a break. Kohen is now also seen by ENT at the hospital for trouble with his eardrums.

For the last few years, the family has made an additional donation to the Alberta Children’s Hospital during Radiothon on top of their annual giving. Jordana says she always knew supporting the hospital was important, but having firsthand experiences here has affirmed just how much that support means for families who need the hospital.

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