Sawyer’s family was enjoying celebrating the Nanton Round-Up Days Parade as float participants this past summer when the unimaginable happened. Sawyer, then six years old, had been riding on the back of a float with other kids on board, and as they were nearing the end of the route, jumped off. But as he tried to get back on, Sawyer fell and the float – a flatbed truck and trailer – drove over him. Paramedics rushed to the scene and took Sawyer by ambulance to High River airport to be picked up by STARS. During the ambulance ride, Sawyer stayed brave and calm. He was airlifted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital while his terrified, worried parents drove behind. “I was praying I would get to see him again,” recalls Davina.

By the time his parents arrived, the trauma team at the hospital were already at work assessing Sawyer’s injuries. Scans and X-rays determined he had no internal bleeding, but he suffered a tiny fracture in his hip joint and bruised lungs, along with other bruises and scrapes. He was monitored for any other injuries and given oxygen to help him breathe. During his brief 36 hour stay on unit 4, Sawyer was visited by an orthopedic surgeon for his hip joint injury, with whom he continues to follows up, as well as by a child psychologist to help him cope with the traumatic accident. While thankful his injuries weren’t worse, the family is so grateful the hospital was there for Sawyer when they needed it.

It takes one second for an accident to happen, and when it does, the Alberta Children’s Hospital is there for families like Sawyer’s.

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