After months of dealing with unrelenting thoughts racing in her head – keeping her up and night and distracting her from activities that she wanted to participate in – Amelia told her parents that she needed some more help and that they should perhaps go to the hospital. It was a big, scary thing to say…and Amelia was worried that her parents would “freak out”…but she was grateful that they agreed that she had been struggling too long. It was time to take that step.

While the first couple of nights were overwhelming, it wasn’t long before Amelia knew she was right where she needed to be. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” says Amelia. Daily sessions with her team of mental health experts gave her the information, understanding and resources she needed to understand the anxiety she had been dealing with for so long. She knows that medication and therapy won’t take her anxiety away completely, however, what she has now after four weeks in hospital and follow-up care are the strategies to manage those damaging thoughts and help her reach her full potential.

Inspired by some fundraising her hockey club did to support Canadian Mental Health initiatives, Amelia took it upon herself to start some fundraising for a program a little closer to her heart…the Alberta Children’s Hospital Mental Health Program. “These programs made such a difference for me,” she says. “I want to make sure that they can continue to help kids like me face their struggles.” With a goal of $1000, she is completely humbled by the response – $7580 was raised in just five days!

With one in five Canadian children experiencing diagnosable psychiatric concerns, an estimated 60,000 children and teenagers in Calgary require mental health intervention in any given year.  Amelia is one who reached out for help and found it at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Inspired by the support she received, she inspired those in her community to give back to help kids like her who are facing mental health struggles.

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