Everyone knew Baby Zoey would be special, even before she was born. Her mom and dad learned during a pre-natal ultrasound that Zoey had a condition which resulted in all of her internal organs being out of place. Only her heart was where it should be. She was watched closely by her pediatrician in Medicine Hat, but when bloodwork showed elevated liver enzymes and bilirubin and her poop was “post-it yellow”, she was quickly sent to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

What doctors discovered was that little Zoey’s bile duct was vanishing away, putting her at risk of life-threatening complications with her liver. The surgery team knew they needed to act quickly to save what was left of the bile duct and rebuild the rest. They also knew that Zoey was particularly fragile because of the condition she was born with that also resulted in irregularities with her heart.

Although they felt overwhelmed, Michelle and Brandon felt confident as they their baby’s life in the hands of Dr. Mary Brindle and her team. But the 8-hours Zoey was in the OR felt like they went on forever. When Zoey was at last moved to the Intensive Care Unit, Michelle felt helpless, seeing her baby attached to so many tubes and dazed from all the anesthetic. Finally on the third day after surgery, Zoey began to perk up and they were able to hold her.

Zoey’s surgery took place just six days ago. Mom is grateful for the exceptional care she has received and happy that Zoey is getting stronger each day.

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